Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pete's Tractor Party

Here are some pictures from Pete's 3rd Birthday Party! It was so much fun, I had a great time putting it together and all the kids and mamas had fun too! Thanks to all who helped and came to celebrate our sweet Pete!

The star of the Party, thanks Kirk!!
Drinks for the adults and kiddos
Almost all the kids in the scoop!

Yes Ben, dirt does make you cuter. ;)
Birthday boy thoroughly enjoying the tractor, dirt and a stick :)
I love GiGi hanging out on the tire in this one!
Sweet Friends

It was so many of the kids first time with a pinata, we adults had a good time telling them to give it a good whack!!
Me, with the cupcake. Can't believe my little man is three.

 The candy bar for favors was super fun! Thanks Johnna for all the containers and candy too! It was a bit of a candy-overload party, but hey Peter's only going to turn 3 once right?

Love you sweet boy, so blessed by the little man that you are and I'm believing BIG things for you life. God has plans for you my little rock.


Ann-Marie said...

How fun and creative! I love it.

Sara said...

Good job sis! (on posting pics and on a great party!) God does have big things in store for Pete- I've know that from the day he was born. This year is going to be really fun with him as he keeps growing up!

paperlilley said...

such a fun one! it's rare that i see really CUTE kids parties, nice work! :D (i sound stuck up, but i'm really just picky ;p)

Yvonne said...

That turned out perfect!!! Happy Birthday Peter!!!

Mile High Mama said...

You are so creative! Can you come plan and decorate and create Cole's party in October?? :)

Michelle said...

What a fun and creative party.

Amy Brooks said...

Great job April! Happy Birthday Peter.

Lola said...

Great party! Perfect for a little boy...and big boys, too.

anjuli paschall said...

i think you have a future in party planning. peter's party had so many fun decorations! love it! happy birthday peter!