Friday, March 25, 2011

Elyse's 2nd Birthday with Jesus

As I write this we are headed down south to celebrate our sweet girls birthday. In just two days she would be celebrating her 2nd birthday. Oh how much I wonder what life would be like with her these much of a two year old would she be, how much would she be saying and how would Elyse and Pete be getting along (or not getting along).

But, I am left to wonder these things without answers...ever. So I will focus on the fact that I've made it to this point, one year ago I honestly wasn't quite sure how that was going to happen. But here we are in March 2011 and we are doing even more than surviving we're making it and we're looking ahead to what God has planned for our family and future. Oh it doesn't mean I don't still grieve...often, but I have hope HOPE in the creator of life. Who does indeed give and take away.

Cliff is running in his third half marathon within the last nine months tomorrow. I know he's incredible and in such great shape these days. I'm hoping to jump back into the game next year, after baby comes and a little recovery time!!

Then on Sunday, the 27th Elyse's birthday we're going to Disneyland!! We went last year with my sister, brother-in-law, Sam & Ben. It was a good, mostly fun thing to do. This year it's just the three of us going and I'm looking forward to watching Peter enjoy everything even more. I think he actually knows who Mickey Mouse is this year. ;) Lots of people have ask us if this is going to be a tradition, we don't know. But, we did think that since I wasn't very far along in pregnancy and we don't have a newborn it would be a good thing to do on Elyse's birthday again...we'll see what next year holds.

We do want to invite anyone that's interested to help us celebrate her birthday by releasing a pink balloon at 1:06pm on Sunday. Some of you did this last year and it meant a TON to us. If you take pictures will you send them to us or tag us on Facebook? We would love to know that you are thinking about our sweet Elyse and us.

Thank you for walking this journey along side of us, through tears, prayer, hugs and so much more. We are so blessed and loved by each and everyone of you. And we really don't take that lightly, we covet your love and friendship.