Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elyse's 3rd Birthday w/Jesus

Today is Elyse's 3rd birthday. Many of you know and have already written, sent a text, called or celebrated with us. We miss this girl. I miss her everyday, multiple times a day. I'm thankful for today for so many reasons, 3 years ago today I heard three very exciting words. 'It's a girl'. That was so fun and a little surprising, I remember I kept staring at her name on her bassinet that day thinking 'I really have a little girl'. There was something so special about finding that out in that moment. A little girl. If I had known then that I would only get to hold her for 10 1/2 short months I'm not sure what I would have thought. I'm so glad we don't know the future. But, I wouldn't trade those 10 1/2 sweet months for anything. The tears, the pain, the heartache, the loss, the many, many rough days are all worth those short months of having her in our family. I'm a different person because of her life and her death. Life is more precious to me than it was just over two years ago. I look at Titus and I really treasure every moment with him both when he is happy and sad (which is not very often).

We celebrated Elyse's life on Sunday. We threw a party, it's the party I've never really gotten to throw and it was good. We had family and close friends. Our good friends and little friends that would have been her good friends. We were together, there were tears and laughter, good food and lots of pink and orange! I sure hope she likes those colors, cause her mama does. ;)

 The drinks & cups, a borrowed and enhanced idea from my friend Allyson, thanks friend!  Pink & orange mason jars with chalk lids to help you keep track of your own glass.

 The amazing dessert buffet from my very talented sis-in-law! Thank you Spoonful of Sugar!!

Tanner & Pete, sweet friends! 

Peter is such a great big brother and remembers and loves his sis so much.
 We released balloons at 1:06pm, the time she was born. It was just two days early this year. We always do balloons, but this year was fun with SO many!! There were 50 that went up to her and the kids were so sweet as they sent them 'up to heaven to see Elyse and Jesus'.

Here are a few lot of pictures from the party. Thank you for celebrating with us and for walking this journey of loss, hope, redemption and hopefully more than anything of looking to Jesus for our everything. He really is everything. I'm thankful I get to celebrate Elyse and then look forward to Easter and the cross and the empty tomb, because that brings new life and assurance of seeing my girl again.